• BYDCoin

    buil your dreams

    The first cryptocurrency on the blockchain to
    help dreams and conduct charitable activities
    we are already in action
    are you ready?

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  • What is BYDCoin?

    BYDCoin is the first cryptocurrency on the blockchain to carry out charitable activities to help dreams.We believe that the best thing in the world is to work hard for a dream.Everyone has a dream, a small dream may carry a big future. We hope that through our efforts, we can help them.

  • First activity record

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  • BYD community

    BYDCoin will further develop to expand the community by holding auction NFT (creation in poor areas), lottery, etc.Our model rewards holders.

  • Token Economics

    After the pre-sale ends, 100% of the remaining tokens will be added to the LP,The team does not reserve or lock any tokens. A 6% transaction tax is charged for each transaction, of which 3% is used for team operations and 3% goes into the Dream Fund.

  • BYD Dream Fund

    On the 7th, 17th, and 27th of each month, the community will donate the Dream Fund in the form of materials to institutions in need through voting. BYDCoin holders can attach their nicknames to the materials. God bless you!